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There are lots of free business plan recommendations online. 
I'll list steps that Microsoft suggest (they clearly know what they're talking about, right?) as well as links to other business plan resources for you to review. 

Each differs slightly depending on the type of business but my normal philosophy on this sort of thing is take what applies to you and your situation from each of the sources and put together what works best for you!

P.S. You can (and should) re-write or revise a business plan at any time that your original plans are no longer applicable.  Sometime your direction changes either voluntarily or out of necessity due to market and/or economic variations and it helps to clarify on paper and in your head, what your new plan of action will be.

Quick 9-Step Guide to Writing a Business Plan

1. An executive summary outlining goals and objectives.

2. A brief account of how the company began.

3. Your company's goals.

4. Biographies of the management team.

5. The service or product you plan to offer.

6. The market potential for your service or product.

7. A marketing strategy.

8. A three- to five-year financial projection.

9. An exit strategy.

See these steps in detail here.

Other resources for Business Plans:

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